Be a Superhero for the Kids

- Casey Bethel


Casey is a dynamic educator, an accomplished scientist, and a gifted speaker.

He switched to teaching after years in research at the Center for Applied Genetics. Now, after 14 years teaching biology and physics, he is the Science Curriculum Coordinator for his school system. Yet, he still finds time to conduct authentic biochemistry research toward understanding Alzheimer’s disease and Inherited Glaucoma.

Casey is a powerful and engaging motivational speaker who is sought after by schools, school systems, and civic organizations all across the country. Passionate about teaching and education policy, Casey blogs on topics such as STEM education, student engagement, teacher recruitment and retention, school discipline reform and social emotional learning (SEL).

“Education is the key to success and teachers have a lasting impact on the lives of their students. Teachers hold the potential to unlock a world of possibilities for their students.”